Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A White Crane

I saw her swooping
In while I sat on the
Ledge on top of the wall
Before the Arno river, sparkling
In midday.
She fell into the water
Soundless and soft
Stayed still for a
Minute then into the
Reeds I lost her.
I returned to Bukowski
He told me
To get used to it.
The crane was seen for
A moment again before
Sailing off under
Arched bridges of
Heavy stone.
I've felt
Shame and accomplishment

-p. Conners Jr, Florence
May, 22 2012


  1. I enjoy watching all of the cranes here in Michigan, the sandhill and the blue...on occasion we have a white crane make their way here...but not often. thank you.

  2. lovely. Reminds me of an egret I saw swoop down on a pond this evening on my way home.