Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Read them or don't read them, you will regret both."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Travel (Jack)


We need to take
                Everywhere into                                                                                                              Join

                                The plateau
                in Peru.
Holy Islam,                                                                                                                                          Me,
                Don’t forget
The winds blow trade
                Through infernos.                                                                                                            My
Toppled towers in
                Bologna. Lets
Give Spain a try,
                                Why not London                                                                                              Holy
While we’re there?

Countries I will
                Only know by their
                                Curve on the map.                                                                                          Brothers.
Perfectly flat world.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Unconscious Activity

Most of your unconscious
Activity is struggle.
Systems making assertive
Efforts to remain stable.
It's just evolution.
Metabolic cap breached.
Excessive post exercise
Oxygen consumption.
Lag for stabilization.

After car crashes,
Screaming children,
Showdowns with
Power hungry capitalists,
Avoiding cracks for
Six years,
Viewings and binges;
Why would you expect anything
Different from any
Other part of your life?

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Turning Ten - Billy Collins

On Turning Ten - by Billy Collins

The whole idea of it makes me feel
like I'm coming down with something,
something worse than any stomach ache
or the headaches I get from reading in bad light--
a kind of measles of the spirit,
a mumps of the psyche,
a disfiguring chicken pox of the soul.

You tell me it is too early to be looking back,
but that is because you have forgotten
the perfect simplicity of being one
and the beautiful complexity introduced by two.
But I can lie on my bed and remember every digit.
At four I was an Arabian wizard.
I could make myself invisible
by drinking a glass of milk a certain way.
At seven I was a soldier, at nine a prince.

But now I am mostly at the window
watching the late afternoon light.
Back then it never fell so solemnly
against the side of my tree house,
and my bicycle never leaned against the garage
as it does today,
all the dark blue speed drained out of it.

This is the beginning of sadness, I say to myself,
as I walk through the universe in my sneakers.
It is time to say good-bye to my imaginary friends,
time to turn the first big number.

It seems only yesterday I used to believe
there was nothing under my skin but light.
If you cut me I could shine.
But now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life,
I skin my knees. I bleed.
-Billy Collins