Tuesday, November 8, 2011

flesh 'n wine

God, you're holding your palm out
for your future to be read
you've cast lots to divide your realms
we, we, we, our great race us humans
Have been entrusted to fight holy wars
To bless your children Because we hold your
Palm and study the lines God you should use
hand cream your skin could use to be smoother
Its rough as a snake we, we, we
Improve nature Have a cure for that
our reason and understanding The civilized
nations and our courts have no need for justice
you could say we we we know a great deal of
divination and tarot prophecies The man with
the beard and his half completed song we we
we are premature we want bread and wine
flesh and blood ripped from holy flesh
-Patrick Conners Jr


  1. oo nice pointed write. yes we create our own gods in our image out of the pieces we cut from him...